Talk from your eyes- Skills required to be a perfect actor

If you played the guitar, you would know every aspect of the strings to the music. If you were an attorney, you would know every aspect of the law. As an actor, yes, you do have the story, the script, but how you react in a particular scene is your call.

Seeing is one thing and enacting it is another You may read about acting, you may witness great acting in the movies, TV or  live theater, however until you practice and expert yourself to perfection. That’s the art of an accomplished actor.

You are first required to First demand: How do I get myself in a position to act as often as possible? You should enact out various types of scenes from different movies and gets hands –on experience into acting.

You can also record your acting visuals so you get a fair idea where the area for improvement and that is will also help you in noticing the various camera angles that make you look your best. As an actor that’s needed the most.
“The writers, the director, the producers, and the audience, all make demands on the actor. They ask the actor to give out with a performance, “tell us the story” let it speak to us through you, does it, act it out for us. Why? Because they can’t! ONLY an actor can do this task.

You should know that However every one of us know that until we turn that demand on ourselves nothing, nothing is coming out of your heart, your soul, let alone your mouth. How it comes out, how you interpret the story, express and perform this task of “acting” is directly related to the demands you make on yourself NOW. It is directly related to what degree of passion and depth that you study acting.


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