Filmmaking – a Art or Science ?

Filmmaking is an art and a science. It is art because it dwells on your creative abilities and science because a story in your mind cannot create a movie there is a whole lot of technicalities and procedures to be followed. There is no doubt in the fact that a film first develops in your mind and then it cultivates into a storyline and then into a movie altogether.

Initially anybody who wants to make a movie has to think of a concept. A concept then develops into a script with characters included. A script then goes on to becoming a screenplay and that is nothing but the entire script broken into scene- by- scene narration. Then the next process is finding a director who will direct the movie. The director needs to be someone who understands the script, who understands the sensibilities of the story. Sometimes a director himself becomes a writer and that is the best thing because a writing your own film will make it come out better as a movie as a director can see and ideate the shots, the storyline, the characters etc. At times stories are written later the characters and actors are thought first and the story ends up revolving around them.

Once the script, screenplay and the director is ready then you can approach a producer who will produce the movie. This part requires a lot of marketing qualities as you actually need to sell the script, plot to the producer so that he can put in the money and he is the only person who will sell the movie to the distributors all over the world and country. A producer is extremely important in the picture because if he wishes he can increase the budget of the movie and that would give a director a larger canvas to make the movie. The producer will also give some creative inputs with regards to the movie as he is the one putting the money so he can also approve or disapprove certain things for example if a director wants to use a helicopter for a sequence a producer can say that its not possible in the budget use a car instead and hence the director will have to listen and do the same as he cant afford to upset the producer.

Another challenge is the casting. The actors in the movie are the most important as these people carry the film on their shoulders, they will enact the story out in front of the audience. That’s why they have to be character driven in order to do justice to the role. The actors also depend on the producer’s budget for the movie.

Lastly once the movie is in the process another major element is cinematography where the cinematographer tries to capture the entire look and feel of the film and puts it in front of the audience for an entire package.

The final stages of the film are editing and sound recording. Editing makes sure the film fits in the time line with the story and the scenes of the movie and the songs are in loop with the entire movie. Sound recording will include dubbing, voiceovers, background score etc.

It all looks hazy and glorified but filmmaking is a serious work and definitely requires professional training so going to a film school is very important where they teach you every single nuance of filmmaking and if not started with a film school you may reach the peak in 10 years whilst going to a film school will definitely shorten that journey to maybe…5 years!

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